The White Bear​, London 2012 & Brighton Fringe 2013

Writer | Ana-Maria Balmberger

Director | Genevieve Girling

Producer | Gunpowder Theatre

Costume | Cristina Soru / Sarah June Mills 

Lighting | Sarah Cogan



Gunpowder Theatre present the UK premiere for Ana-Maria Bamberger's play, well received in Europe, about a playwright and psychiatric patient living in his own alternate universe. Is it an act of creativity or hallucination? And if the latter, does he want to be cured?

"The most striking thing about this production is, by far, the design – Emily Harwood’s beautiful set combines elements of crossword puzzles (which Anton fills in throughout) with Anton’s room; the iconic black and white squares covering all surfaces and obscuring drawers and cupboards. There are also various crossword clues written across the walls, most of which seem to be subtle hints as to the play’s subject matter. Finally, there are even more hidden panels, as Anton’s world diverges even further from reality, including a pond set into the floor, which features live fish." One Stop Arts

Emily Harwood © 2019